Building battery racks for 20 Optimas in the 914.

Having decided to use Optimas in order to exercise the Zillas properly, I thought it would be nice to have the car running for the NEDRA races in Woodburn OR.
I started a week before the races. As usual it took longer than expected, Andrew and I worked late into Friday morning before finally driving 700 miles to Oregon on no sleep. Paint will have to wait for later.
Ah, that's racing! :-)

Batteries arrive
A sea of yellow.

Cleo watches over the
action, even the grinder
doesn't phase her.

First, the standard 914
rust holes need repair

All the while, Optimas are
being tested and cycled.
Heaters make good loads

The tow bar is designed by..

Andrew Letton, who made
a very strong design.

That steel work tends to
make one a bit dirty.

View of the structure for
the rear battery supports.

Test fitting the upper
layer racks.

Battery temperatures being
equalized for the final test.

A few plates that cover rust
holes are visible here.

Test fitting the lower layer.

Making sure the upper rack
still goes in.

Ready for the upper batteries.

A few essential tools.

The inner framework to
support the load from the
tow bar.

Tow bar frame being welded
before it gets welded into the

The front rack holds up to
5 batteries. This was pretty
simple after the rears,
so I neglected to take more
pictures. And it was getting
rather late......

After breaking a CV
joint at the Woodburn
Drags, I put in 68 -79 VW
bus CVs and axles with
adaptors from Renegade
Hybrids. The old axle is
on the right.

Here is the bus axle installed
with the adaptor visible.

Last update 10.7.01

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