Saturday Cinco de Mayo 2001
The initial conversion, a pictorial:

On this warm day in May, a large group of very capable people came to Casa Electric and helped convert the Poppy to electric power. The goal for the day was to get the electric motors mounted, and maybe even make it drive if we had time. Some people worked both on this project and the charge station which was completed the next day.

It was a fantastic gathering of highly talented folks. Thanks everyone! It couldn't have happened without you.

First, we need a floor. Working in the dirt wouldn't be any fun.

At 10 a.m. Grant was the first to show up and grab a tool.

That's me with David in the shadows.

Lucky strike #1, The gas tank was empty despite the 1/4 reading on the gas gauge I had thought it was a fuel injection problem. David and Grant had the gas tank out in no time.

David and I are disconnecting all the engine connections.

12:32 p.m. the engine comes out.

The interior will be needing some work.

Batteries, waiting in case we have time to throw them in.

Time to remove the transmission

The new motors next to the old ICE.

2:33 p.m. Alan has flown down from Oregon to help out. Lucky strike #2, measurements indicate that the original throwout bearing will work with the racing clutch.

Andrew starts the messy job of cleaning the transmission.

4:28 p.m. The transaxle slips on the motors......

After a little persuasion.
Those Tilton clutch discs are very tight on the input shaft. I hope they wear out a bit.

Finally the bolts go in.

Hooking the motors to the cherry picker.

Alex watches as it's lifted into place.

Larry and a local drop by to check out the job.

Motors in place.

Lucky strike # 3, reversing the engine mounts brings them to within 3/16" of the rear motor plate.

Several hundred pounds of surplus 4/0 welding cable.

A little of which gets used for the motor loop.

With the motors out again, Alan checks out Andrews fine work on the bus bars.

7:40 pm. Motor mounts mounted, and the aluminum plate is trimmed to fit.

8:22 p.m. After Dave W. cleaned the engine compartment, the motors go in for the second time.

Dave W expresses his feelings toward the ICE.

8:45 p.m. With the goal in sight, everyone starts moving a bit quickly.

Andrew has the Optima powered saw with a mission to build instant battery mounting.

Not to be left behind, Dave B grabs the Sawzall.

Alan mounts the Potbox while Dave W replaces the SLI battery and cleans the connections.

Greg preps the batteries and interconnects for installation.

While I keep a firm grip on the beer, busy directing and finding parts for everyone.

John holds the battery mount while Dave B sculpts it.

Andrew and David C prepare the power wiring.

Alan has the potbox installed with a token zip tie holding the backup return spring.

David C rechecks the battery terminals and I wire up the little stuff while a crowd looks on.

Quick! everyone work on the car for a group picture.

Safety glasses on, ready to hook up power.

Double checking voltages. Only a 120V pack for tonight, because that's what fit easily.

10:25 p.m. Marianne and Melodie have arrived with Margarita makings and burgers for the grill. This is no time for a CRC error! Quick, reboot.

10:40 p.m. it runs! A bit slow on 600 amps so I take a minute to turn it up to 1400.

David gets the first of the many test drives.

After the batteries slow down, and we have some food, it's time for a group photo.

At midnight, we sit around discussing technology in front of the fireball.

Thanks to Bruce, Andrew and everyone who picked up a camera for taking the pictures.

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