This is what I hope to build someday. For now I'll just make the 914 Electric.

The performance that is possible with an Electric Porsche 914 is fantastic. Unfortunately, the stock 914 looks a bit boxy. Because of this I was considering Electrifying an Alfa instead. But the Alfa doesn't have a lot of battery space. Or any kind of space for that matter. And even worse, it's Italian :-) So when I saw this conversion I immediately saw what I wanted to do.

I saw this idea on the web at (sorry, the link seems to be broken 4/30/01) and I fell in love with the look.
I've seen one of these in real life and the quality of the converible conversion was very poor. If I do end up doing this to the Poppy, it'll take a lot of work to make it nice.

Last update 5.9.01

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