So, you'd like to know more?
Here are my favorite links to many things Electric Vehicle related:

General information:

To learn and ask questions about EVs, The EV list:

Electric Vehicle Discussion List Photo Album, Our Electric Cars on the Web, Pictures and details of many more electric 914 as well as other cars.

News, Information and excellent links:

News and interviews:

Another EV list site with good links:

Drag Racing:

NEDRA The National Electric Drag Racing Association

Horsepower Calculator:
You don't actually need quite this much for electrics, but it's close.

Where to buy EVs:
Look under the For Sale link.
Also, If you are local to Silicon Valley don't miss the rally which is usually held in September.

More For Sale links are accessible from the site.

Lists of public charge stations:

Honda Electric Vehicle Charging Lists

EV Charger News

Excellent EV parts suppliers:

Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd.


Grassroots EV

Thunderstruck Motors

Was Wilde Evolutions: Now EV Parts:

KTA Services:

914 info:

914 Club, Want ads, BBS

Other Links:

Renegade Hybrids, suppliers of the rear springs and Bus CV adapters for my 914.

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