Specifications and Components:

24 Astropower AP 1206 Modules rated at 120 Watts STC and 107.0 Watts PTC *.
1 SW4048 UPV Utility Intertie Inverter by Trace Engineering.
1 TCB10, 10 Circuit combiner box.

System rating: 2880 Watts STC, 2568 Watts PTC.

This system is connected directly to the utility grid with no batteries. There are both advantages and disadvantages to doing this.

Advantages: Ability to use a peak power tracking inverter for a 15% increase in power produced, lower cost, no batteries to maintain, no battery box to build.

Disadvantages: No backup if the utility power were to fail.
I went with this route because the City of Palo Alto Utilities are very reliable.

* PTC stands for "PVUSA Test Conditions." PTC watt rating is based on 1000 Watt/m2 solar irrandiance, 20 degree Celsius ambient temperature, and 1 meter/second wind speed. The PTC watt rating is lower than the "Standard Test Conditions" (STC), a watt-rating used by manufacturers

Pictures of the components:

Astropower AP1206 module

Trace SW4048 UPV Inverter

Trace TCB10 fuse combiner box

Avcon EV charging station.