Cutting Party

Here it is as it happened, you should've been there. But since you weren't, here it is!

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photo 1 -- The First Cut!
photo 2 -- The hands of a surgeon; the first cut close up.
photo 3 -- Cutting the floor.
photo 4 -- And on to the other side
photo 5 -- Van one free!
photo 6 -- Rough Cut, up close
photo 7 -- 30% off and out the door.
photo 8 -- The old back half gets a lift.
photo 9 -- "Half" time entertainment.
photo 10 -- Child Labor.
photo 11 -- The kids get a turn!
photo 12 -- Sawzall Woman takes a cut!
photo 13 -- Finalcuts. This won't hurt a bit.
photo 14 -- Proud Papa admiring the work.
photo 15 -- Almost done part two.
photo 16 -- Whew, almost rolled the front part.
photo 17 -- Now the back half is 30% off.
photo 18 -- Back seat driver moves the front. out.
photo 19 -- Six degrees of separation. Its an Air Bus!
photo 20 -- Strongman walks the front half in position.
photo 21 -- In between.
photo 22 -- Make it So..
photo 23 -- Its looking Like a S t r e t c h!
photo 24 -- Its looking Like a S t r e t c h even from the back!



A3 Engine swap

Electric drive

The donors

Cutting up

Putting together

Suspension and Wheels

Interior and Stereo